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Euro-Hel is a company specialized in suppling liquid helium within the European Union. The newest products like "Helium Around the World" allow us to serve our customers in the most remote corners of the world.

In our offer you will find liquid helium which can be supplied to the customers in cryogenic tanks, so called “dewars”, which are adapted for use in a strong magnetic field. At our disposal we have dewars of 100, 250, 500 liters capacity. Liquid helium can also be filled into cryogenic containers provided by customers to our filling plant.
„Helium Around the World”
Helium Around the World is the youngest product in our offer. With tanks adapted for air transport we can provide you with liquid helium in any place in the world.
Filling of MRI devices
To meet our customers’ expectations we have expanded our offer with filling of magnetic resonance devices in public hospitals as well as private health facilities. At our disposal we have tools and knowledge necessary for both planned and emergency helium fillings of old and the newest MRI models of leading manufacturers of diagnostic imaging devices.
MRI Hotel
MRI Hotel is a modern, hi-tech storage facility, adapted to store MRI units of all leading manufacturers. We can also store other medical imaging diagnostic devices, such as CTs, mammograms, X-Rays. Our employees are trained to perform basic services such as unloading/loading using a crane, as well as non-standard customer orders to serve our customers best.


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