Liquid Helium for MRI machines

Liquid helium is supplied to the customers in cryogenic tanks (100, 250, 500 litres capacity) which are adapted for use in a strong magnetic field. Our own means of transport and reliable distribution system enables us to supply liquid helium in Poland and neighbouring countries within 24 hours and around the whole of Europe within 48 hours


As a result of our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our customers, the entire process of supplying liquid helium to MRI is monitored and supervised thanks to a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 15. A set of procedures and instructions as well as regular training of our team allows us to deliver liquid helium for MRIs at the highest level of performance.


“Helium Around the World” is the youngest product in the company’s offer. With tanks adapted for air transport, we can provide you with liquid helium in any place in the world. Thanks to this service, our customers do not have to worry about liquid helium for MRI for regular supplies, installations of new MRI systems or in emergencies.


– Individual approach to the customer

– Experienced personnel

– Liquid helium for MRI delivered to any place in the world

– Short lead-time of deliveries

– Just-in-time deliveries

– 24/7 service

– Modern tools for transport and transfer of liquid helium

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